Job Card List Assam 2022 Download (Updated)

Job Card Assam 2022 is now out! Download now to get started with the scheme and earn guaranteed money for the financial year. Most people find it difficult to find their job card list. According to reports, more than 14,13,366 households have benefitted through this scheme. Why miss this opportunity? So, after you read this post, you will know everything about job cards. Without wasting any time, let’s get started;


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), previously known as National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(NREGA), was renamed in 2009. This act was passed on 7th September 2005 to augment employment generation and social security in India. It came into force on 2nd February 2006 and covered all districts of India except the ones with a 100% urban population. There are more than 57,99,965 active job card users across 34 districts in Assam.

How to apply for Job Card?

One of the easiest ways to apply for a job card is to visit your nearest Gram Panchayat(GP) office, as it is the responsibility of the gram panchayat to implement the scheme. Your family’s adult member should submit their documents carrying their name, age, and address with a photo to the GP. The final step, fill up & submit the form and wait for the result, as verification will take up few days. After that, work will be provided and displayed at the panchayat office.

Key Objectives

The critical objective of MGNREGA is to serve the purpose as below:

  • Paid rural employment of not less than 100 days(guarantee the right to work) for each worker who volunteers for unskilled labor. In other words, there is no need for skills to be learned to do this job, i.e., anyone can do it.
  • It is suitable for those people who work on a task or seasonal basis.
  • Creation of long-lasting assets in rural areas. In other words, it means durable assets, for example, wells, ponds, canals, roads, etc.
  • Reduce urban migration from rural areas. Clarify, this act also makes a balance of migration from rural to urban by providing a legal guarantee for 100 days of employment in every financial year to the adult members of any rural household. Also, the number of workdays has been increased to 150 days in drought-affected areas. Consistent with article 41, which directs the state to secure all citizens’ right to work.
  • To help improve the rural people’s purchasing power, primarily semi or un-skilled work to people living below the poverty line in rural India.
  • It attempts to bring the employment gap between the rich and poor in the country. It is a set of reasons to create employment and social security in India.

Job Card list 2022

Check mgnrega Assam job card list is out follow the simple steps below to know the status or download the job card list Assam in three simple steps. Without wasting any time, Let’s get started;

Step 1

Click on the link to land on the official website of mgnrega job cards. Fill in your details firstly, financial year as 2022-23. Secondly, select your district from the dropdown given. Similarly, select your block & panchayat.

Step 2

Click on ‘Proceed’; here, you get the list of job card numbers & holder names from your state for the financial year. Next, search for your name & surname.

Step 3

After you find your name, click on the job card number on your right, as seen in the above image. For example, Job card No- AS-15-012-005-001/101 & Name- Ajit Das.

Keep in mind: Names written in color have meaning. Firstly, the bed news is red and gray without image; no employment is availed. In other words, it is rejected. Similarly, green is perfect, and sunflower color without image employment is availed. In other words, it is approved without any dought.

Shares and Expenditure

Let’s discuss about the share and expenditure of the scheme, for example.
The central government pays for 100% of the wage expenditure & 75% of the material expenditure under the scheme. The state pays the remaining material expenditure, i.e., 25%. For example, a road is constructed in a nearby area. We need labour(you or someone), bricks, cement, tools, etc. for the construction. The central government will pay the wage for the labour (XXX) amount. The total material cost is ₹20,000 INR. The central government will pay ₹15,000 INR, and the state will pay the rest of ₹5,000 INR.

Rise in Demand

After the pandemic, there is a rise in the job card holder. The demand has been seen in all the states during economic unskilled labour has been seen during economic shutdown. After we were flooded with water as a result, the work was paused in most areas. At present, everything is back to normal.


To apply for the card, four main conditions need to be fulfilled.

  1. The cardholder must be a citizen of India.
  2. While seeking the job, the applicant must complete 18 years of age.
  3. The applicant must be a part of a local household. (i.e., an application must be in contact with the local Gram Panchayat).
  4. Applicants must volunteer for unskilled labour.


  • It is an agreement that a minimum of one-third of the workforce should be women.
  • Demand-driven social security and labor law aims to enforce the `right to work.
  • Agriculture and in combination or working together with activities constitute more than 65% of the work taken up under the program.
  • Social conduct of an official financial inspection of MGNREGA gram panchayat works is mandatory, which leads to transparency and accountability.

*encourage the development of social equity.


The average wage of the worker were ₹212.05, ₹208.85, ₹200.71, ₹182.09 and ₹179.13 for the year 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, respectively. An ordinary job holder can earn ₹21,250.00 for the financial year(2022-23). After that, an increase of ₹3,337.00 can be seen since 2018. Moreover, if the employee is not provided within a radius of 5 km, it is liable to pay extra capital(money) will be paid.


Let’s sum up, from our perspective MGNREGA scheme is the perfect job card residing in any part of India. Living in a rural area is different from the early welfare scheme as it is a root-level approach program to employment generation. Many of them benefitted from this scheme even during the pandemic (i.e., covid-19). It is a perfect scheme while keeping an eye on protecting the environment. Above all, empowering rural women. If you find it helpful please share and explore RUSA Assam.


How can I check my job card?

To check for a job card, users must visit the official site and fill in details correctly. After that, search for your name and click on the job card to check for all the information.

How to download a job card?

To download a job card, firstly, you need a PC, visit the official website and open your job card profile. Thirdly, press (Control + P) or take a screenshot.

What is nrega job card number?

It is a unique number to identify the owner of the respected job card. This number helps to assign tasks/jobs, payments, track the 100 days’ job criteria for the financial year, etc. Moreover, The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) keeps track of whether the entire work is progressing or not in association with the state governments.

How do I check my job card list?

Job card list is released every year to all the citizens of India. The list is always available on the official website ( The steps by step guide are available here

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