Shillong Teer Result Today: 21-11-2022

Shillong teer result today First Round and Second Round is displayed below!

Are you waiting for Shillong Teer Today? Shillong Teer’s results are displayed below. Similarly, it will display on every government-recognized teer counters. Moreover, apart from the result, are you one of them and want to know how to play and win? If but confused, this post will be helpful for you.

Shillong Teer

In Shillong, this is a legal game played by the locals and people staying there. The Meghalaya does the archery-based betting lottery game.
The lottery department is held under the Meghalaya Amusements & Betting Tax. It is a legal game and played in the evening from Monday to Saturday(excluding holidays)
with a set of two rounds by Khashi Hills Archery Sports Organisation located at 4th Furlong, MC Road, Shillong – 793001.

CategoryShillong Teer (Lottery)
PlayedMonday – Saturday*
Tickets (Unlimited)Meghalaya Teer Counters
Tickets Timing10am – 5pm*
Venue4th Furlong, MC Road, Shillong – 793001
Timings Played3:30 pm & 4:30 pm
ResultOnline (Instant results)

 * Played six days a week, except for Government Holidays. Timing may vary from counter to counter.

How to play the Game?

To play the Game is very easy, and you will know everything after reading this post. To be a part of this popular Game, do the following steps.

  1. Visit your nearest teer counter located every walking distance in Meghalaya.
  2. Bid for a number you think will be the target number for the day. For example, 21 for the first Round or Second Round.
  3. The number you played has hit the target. For example, 21 has hit the mark.
  4. Again visit, to that teer counter you purchased the ticket. Please provide them with the slip or ticket, and wow! You get your prize money.


The number you play has a different meaning and cash awards. You must know these numbers very well before you play and end up wasting all your money.

  • Forecast: The teer numbers for the first and second rounds needs to be guessed correctly to win huge prize money. In other words, the player (you) has to guess both numbers correctly to win the lottery. It has the highest cash price of all.
  • Single: It is a two-digit number played in two rounds first Round and Second Round. For example, if the number of arrows hitting the target is 422. It means the result is 22.
  • House: In a house, there are 0-9 digits. Only the first digit is counted amongst the two digits for a single round played for the day. For example, in the first round, it hit 85. It’s called 80(i.e., 8) house.
  • Ending: In the ending, only the last digit is counted for a single round. There are only 0-9 digits in the ending. For example, in the second round, the number is 97, then the end is 7.

Prize Money

It is exciting as everyone plays the Game to win a cash prize. You can win unlimited money, but it all depends on how much you paid for the ticket and the kind of number you played.

S.l No.Pay(₹)Win(₹)
1Rs. 502,00,000/-
2Rs. 2080,000/-
3Rs. 1040,000/-
4Rs. 520,000/-
5Rs. 14,000/-
6Rs. 0.50p2,000/-
First Round
Second Round

 Note: For any dought or query, visit your nearest teer counter. The prize money is given even after one month or so. There is no payment without a slip.

Teer Result

What is teer result? Teer result is a two-digit number that will decide whether the player has won for the number played. The results are displayed online(RUSA Assam) and on government-recognized Teer Counters.

First RoundSecond Round
3:30 Pm4:30 Pm


Previous Results

DateClub 1Club 21st Round2nd Round
19-11-22Combined 12 Clubs6090
16-11-22LaitumkhrahSengbiria Iabeitlang5633
12-11-22Combined 12 Clubs3621
09-11-22MawlaiSengbiria Iabeitlang2852
05-11-22Combined 12 Clubs7475
01-11-22Sengbiria IabeitlangLaban2083
29-10-22Combined 12 Clubs6722

Dream Number

We all are human beings; people in Meghalaya dream and play the number. Our human body is built to work, eat, sleep, and repeat. When we sleep, we dream about whatever happened in day-to-day life. There is a possibility if you convert your dream into a teer number. We will discuss a few in a minute as it may increase the chance of winning the number as most people do in Meghalaya.

  • If you dreamt of a Man, then the number can be 06.
  • If you dreamt of a woman, then the number can be 05.
  • If you see a House, the number is 4. Therefore, the house has four piller or sides.
  • In your dream, if you see a husband & wife quarreling. Then, the number is 13.


What is Shillong teer result?

In simple words, Shillong Teer result is a single or two-digit lottery number. Suppose anyone who played the number in the given duration wins huge prize money. In that case, The Game is played through counters, and the number is displayed online and all the counters.

Shillong teer common number?

Teer common numbers are variables that are hit repeatedly. Let’s clarify, dash number may repeat more than two times a month. Some Teer numbers increases the chance of winning. We have a good collection of such numbers.

Shillong teer hit number?

Hit numbers are some numeric that always get trending in teer results today. Most people prefer hit numbers instead of any random number. The few hit numbers are 72, 00, 73, 69, etc.

Teer result today?

Shillong teer today is in progress, and soon you will be visible with the result. Please frequently refresh if you visit our site to know the result quickly. Thank Bah, for your kind patience.

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